Ned Branch Missionary Baptist Church
The Place Where Love Works ... Pastor Bobby L. Dukes

What We Believe

Our Faith
- We believe in the triune GOD, who is all powerful, ever present, & all knowing eternal Father.
- We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, who gave His life as a sacrifice for our sin.
- We believe in water baptism by submersion.
- We believe in tithes and offering as a means in maintaining NBMBC and the building of the Kingdom of God.
- We believe in the Holy Scriptures, which is divinely inspired from God, for Faith and direction for life and the final authority for truth and salvation.
- We believe in being led by the in filling of the Holy Spirit for Godly and Holy living.
- We believe in the Judgment Day where unbelievers will give an account of their lives, and believers will receive their just Reward.      

Our Purpose

Serving: To exhibit the love of God through a sincere ministry to all man-kind
Outreach: To share and communicate Christ's message through evangelism
Discipleship: To develop and cultivate followers of Christ through Bible teaching for the call of God
Fellowship: Unite the body of Christ into the unity of the local church
Worship: To reverence the presence of Christ as we celebrate His name through praise